About Us

We are a Los Angeles based beauty and hair company that offers a collection of brand wigs and lashes that have drawn a cult-like following among our diverse end-users. Our mission is to inspire our fans to discover the confidence to express their own creative, distinct, and natural beauty. We dare to express individuality in place of conformity.

To support our mission, we pride ourselves to meet the diverse needs of our fans and customers alike by making edgy fashion approachable without compromising quality. We revel in being inspiration-driven. Motivated by street-style and haute couture, we find the balance and create styles that not only are suitable for current fashion, but also visualize trend-setting panache to break the mold. Equally important to us is incorporating ethical fashion into our culture. While a majority of our lashes are made with human hair, we pride ourselves that any synthetic materials used in our wigs and lashes are cruelty-free and are vegan synthetic fibers. By committing to these standards, both brands play a significant role in a conscious, fashion movement.

Lastly, as we grow our presence worldwide, we continue to emphasize the importance of developing client relationships through our brands. From constant adoration from makeup artists, stylists and fashionistas, the clamor for our trending collections shows there is a craving for an alternative company that offers quality affordable brands with impeccable customer service. Just as we care about quality and not quantity of our products, we approach customer service in a similar fashion – we emphasize on the value of client relations while maintaining strong brand presence.